1/10 Scale Road Barrier

This is a 1/10 scale version of the construction safety fences often seen in Japan. STL data for FDM.

What you need.

  • 5mm diameter stainless steel pipe etc.
  • 2mm width insulok
This is a 1/10 scale version of the construction safety fences often seen in Japan. STL data for FDM.

material: PLA
infill: 15%
support: no
perimeters 2

How to get the STL data

You can Download this model`s Full STL data from

PDF file download


1/200 scale Hindenburg kit

This is a scale model of 1/200 Hindenburg airship. The unique stringer rib construction reproduces the realistic skeleton of the Hindenburg, as well as the passenger cabin and gondola, and engine car are also incorporated.

It can also be used as a beautiful interior light by incorporating LED tape lights.


Please scale the data according to the size of the build plate of your 3D printer.
prusaMk3s 98%. Length 1200 mm

List of items in this kit

Active link list on google drive

What you need besides the kit

Active link list on google drive.

How to slice the STL data.

The STL data in this kit must be uniquely sliced. For this reason, we have included data that has already been Gcode-ized.

To slice STL data properly, CURA is required, so please download CURA if necessary. Detailed configuration profiles for Cura’s PLA filaments are also included in this kit.


When slicing with Cura, please use the profile data included in the kit.

The airship is divided into 17 frames, each of which is pre-built with ribs every 10 degrees. By slicing this data in spiral vase mode, a stringer rib structure is formed.


Because of the small footprint of the build plate, the adhesion of the first layer is very important. Both the inside and outside brim should be set.

After molding, the outer brim is removed cleanly with a design knife or similar tool. The inner brim is used to join the other frames, so it should be left in place.

Frame and Stringer assembling

This section describes the process of attaching the Stringer to the FN4. Slide the Stringer from the bottom of the frame to the top, making sure it is flat at the very top, and secure the Stringer with CAglue. Use the minimum amount of CAglue necessary to avoid discoloration to white.


Install the STRINGER on all 17 frames in the same manner. The correspondence between frames and stringers is as follows.

FN9> bottomside>Stringer8
FN9> upside> Stringer10


FN6 passenger compartment

The structure of FN6 is slightly different from other frames. Windows that allow you to see the ground from the lounge and the two-story guest room, and an aluminized grand piano placed in the lounge.

Build up the frame

The front side is assembled from FN2 to FN9, and the rear side from FN10 to FN17.
The assembly of the frame will be stopped here in order to install the LED lights in the airship.