1/200 scale Hindenburg kit

Stabilizer Build

Divide the stabilizer into at the locations shown in the figure above and slice it with the same profile as the other frames.

Then glue them together with CAglue. Make 4 sets of stabilizers.

Attach the stabilizer to the fuselage using clear epoxy adhesive.

LED tape frame

Connect 5Φ*400mmCarbonRod using LEDstayType1.stl to make a 1200mm (47inch) rod.

Attach LEDstayType2.stl to both ends of it. Fix the front side at 2cm(0.79inch) from the tip and the rear side at 10cm (3.9inch)from the tip.

TopCap and Endcap

The wiring for the LEDs is pre-routed out of the TopCap’s wiring opening and glued to the fuselage.
The EndCap is glued to the FN17.

Completion of the fuselage

Finally, join the front and rear of the fuselage. make sure that the LED wiring from the topcap is coming outward, the carbon rod is fitted, and the carbon rod is fitted in the endcap.

Tower and Rear Stand

Backstand.stl Top and the bottom layer is 0 and Gyroid infill at 5%

Final assembly



Engine Car




Work With alexa

The Alexa-enabled LED tape allows for voice control and would make a great interior light for your room.

How to get the STL Data

You can Download this model`s Full STL data from